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Luobo Thin Glass Enters the High end Automotive Windshield Market


At the beginning of the new year, "Made in Luoyang" reported another success. The high-end 2mm series thin glass produced in Luoyang has been favored by Fujian Yaohua Company and Wuhan Pilkington Company, which are well-known for producing high-end car windshield glass, due to their excellent performance. Recently, these two large enterprises signed long-term supply contracts with Luobo. Car glass is an important accessory that forms the body of a car, accounting for about 3% of the total mass of the car. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's automotive industry, the market demand for automotive glass industry has increased by 19%. Among them, the demand for 2mm series thin glass for high-end car windshields is also increasing day by day.

It is reported that for a long time, the windshield of high-end cars in China has almost entirely relied on imports. Luobo, which has always been committed to catching up with and surpassing the advanced level of international float glass, aims at the forefront of this industry, continuously carries out technological breakthroughs, and successfully develops a 2mm series of thin glass products. The physical quality of the products fully meets the international standards of similar products, not only achieving a significant breakthrough in Luobo's products from ordinary mirror glass to high-end automotive windshield glass, but also breaking the monopoly of foreign large companies in this field. The Luobo ultra-thin glass production line was officially put into operation in 2006. Currently, the domestic market share of the products has reached over 70%, and the 2mm series of thin glass products have been mass-produced, becoming another economic growth point for Luobo. (Reporter Zhao Zhiwei, Correspondent Li Ruiqing, Li Jian'an)

(Note: Glass with a thickness of less than 2 millimeters is generally referred to as ultra-thin glass; glass with a thickness of more than 2 millimeters, including 2 millimeters, is referred to as thin glass relative to thick glass; ultra-thin glass production lines also produce thin glass.)



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