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Jiangsu Fanhua Applied Materials Technology Co., LTD., founded in December 1997, is located in Jiangsu Hai 'an Economic Development Zone, a state-level development zone. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of new materials and precision manufacturing, with the ability to integrate research and development, design and manufacturing. We provide high quality and deep processing glass products such as traffic glass, building glass, home appliance glass, electrochromic glass, functional coated glass, etc., and has provided high quality products and services for many domestic and foreign enterprise customers.


The company has a strong research and development team, gathers high-level talents such as college soil, national innovative talents, and Jiangsu Province entrepreneurship and innovation experts. It has been approved to set up academician workstation and national postdoctoral workstation, and has been certified as national high-tech enterprise, Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center and Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center. It has deep cooperation with many research institutions and enterprises. And has successfully passed the national 13th Five-Year key research and development plan, Jiangsu Province key research and development plan project acceptance.


 The company actively promotes digital transformation, through scientific management, intelligent production and operation, effectively ensure the stable supply of high-quality products and services in line with the standards. At present, the company has obtained product safety certification and AA level certificate for Integration of Informatization and Industrialization Management System, and its quality management system complies with GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016, etc. It has also passed certifications from China Classification Society, EU E-Mark, US DOT, JIS, and amfori BSCI.


In the future, the company will continue to adhere to independent innovation, continue to improve technology research and development and modern production capacity, and actively promote the application of new generation of electrochromic technology and products to promote industrial upgrading and green low-carbon sustainable development transformation.

10 W㎡+

Floor area

1.2 E+

Registered Capital

300 People+

Existing Employees

25 Year+

Production Experience

1 Bit

National Talent

6 Item+

Quality Certification

36 Indivual

National Patent

1200 W㎡+

Existing capacity





China Classification Society certification, Management system certification, JIS certification, Amfori BSCI certification



Relocate to a new factory area; Jiangsu Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team; AAAAA member unit of Jiangsu New Materials Industry Association; Passed acceptance: National 13th Five Year Plan for Research and Development; Passed acceptance: Key R&D Plan of Jiangsu Province; IATF 16949:2016 certification



Key R&D Plan of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology; Jiangsu Province Certified Enterprise Technology Center; Academician Xing Dingyu's Workstation; Postdoctoral research workstation sub station



High tech product certification certificate; Jiangsu Provincial Certified Engineering Technology Research Center



High tech enterprisesNantong Science and Technology Progress AwardParticipate in the National 13th Five Year Plan for Key Research and Development



High end home appliance supporting supply; EU E-MARK certification; US DOT certification



Automobile glass supply; China 3C certification



Prosperous Glass was established


Academician Xing Dingyu's Workstation

Academician Xing Dingyu's Workstation

Postdoctoral Research Work Station

Postdoctoral Research Work Station

Jiangsu Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team

Jiangsu Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team

Jiangsu Provincial Certified Enterprise Technology Center

Jiangsu Provincial Certified Enterprise Technology Center




Details determine success or failure, choices make the future


Implement strategy to create reputation and build corporate image


Efficiency makes the brand, integrity makes the future

Enterprise Spirit

Respect science and seek development, strive to surpass and seek win-win results

Operating Strategy

Improve quality, strengthen management, build brand, serve market

Corporate Commitment

Quality first, reputation first, management oriented, service sincere



No.28 Nanhai middle Street,Haian,Nantong City,Jiangsu province,China

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