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Why is glass used as an electrical material?


In recent years, China's home appliance industry has developed rapidly and is paying more and more attention to the appearance design of home appliances, which to some extent has put forward new demands for home appliance materials. In addition to traditional plastic and metal materials, glass materials are gradually moving towards the home appliance industry.

Why is glass used as an electrical material?

You may have questions, why are more and more household appliances still using glass as a panel as glass is a fragile material?

Firstly, it is because glass has the visual characteristics of "freshness, transparency, brightness, and flicker".

The widespread application of printing technology in the glass industry enables specific patterns and colors to be printed on the surface of glass, which is highly practical and often bright in color, crystal clear and noble, with a strong sense of three-dimensional effect. The visual effect is beyond comparison; And after tempering, the strength of glass is greatly improved. As long as we use it correctly, tempered glass generally does not break.

The second point is because consumers are increasingly concerned about the appearance of home appliances.

More and more customers are not only concerned about the functions of home appliances, but also about the appearance of the products. From the past focus on practicality to the direction of considering decorative craftsmanship, home appliances are no longer just living appliances that stay at their inherent functional level. They have gradually become an inseparable part of home decoration.

And glass can present a good appearance effect, making it one of the popular materials for home appliance panels. Some household appliance industry insiders believe that the application of glass panels in household appliances has gradually become a mainstream trend. In the coming years, we will also increase the development of the home appliance panel market. The application prospects of glass panels in household appliance panels are generally optimistic.



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