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Hai'an bustling glass: accelerating research and construction without stopping


The "Intelligent Dimming Special Glass" project of Jiangsu Fanhua Glass Co., Ltd. has a total investment of nearly 1 billion yuan and can produce 300000 square meters of intelligent dimming glass annually after completion. Since the start of construction in March this year, the project investors and various participating units have adhered to both epidemic prevention and control measures and engineering construction, ensuring the timely completion and production by the end of November.

In the morning, at the construction site of Jiangsu's bustling glass intelligent dimming special glass project, construction vehicles shuttle back and forth, and workers are nervously constructing. At present, the main body of the 40000 square meter factory has been capped.

Established in 1997, Fanhua Glass is a local enterprise in Hai'an that specializes in deep processing of glass. In 2014, due to overcapacity in the industry, enterprises encountered bottlenecks in their development. After visits and research, Fanhua Glass has collaborated with multiple universities and research institutes such as Wuhan University of Technology and Nanjing University, continuously increasing research and development investment, launching new projects, and improving product quality. High temperature colorful crystal household appliance glass, flush sliding window glass, and special-shaped ceiling glass have been launched with one shot, and the enterprise has also become a supplier of many well-known home appliance and automotive brands at home and abroad.

In order to further consolidate the leading position of the enterprise in the industry, in recent years, Fanhua Glass has invested 200 million yuan in the research and development of intelligent dimming special glass. In different seasons, weather, and time periods, this glass can adjust different light transmittance to achieve the best shading and insulation effects. Compared with ordinary glass, it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It can be widely used in fields such as automobiles, rail transit, aerospace, building curtain walls, etc. Its research and development also broke the technological monopoly of American companies in one fell swoop, becoming the third global manufacturer to produce ultra large intelligent dimming special glass. It is expected to achieve annual sales of 300-50 million yuan after production.



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