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Mayor Tan Zhen of Hai'an City came to our company to inspect the work


In March, the flowers are red and the willows are green, and the spring is bright. On the afternoon of March 26, 2021, Tan Zhen, Mayor of Hai'an City, accompanied by Yan Changjiang, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Development Zone Party Working Committee, and Ren Yongfeng, Director of the Development Zone, visited our company for inspection. Our company's Chairman Ji Shunqing, Vice Chairman Wang Qunhua, General Manager Liu Jiang, and other company leaders participated in the reception.

Tan Zhen and his team inspected our newly built 40000 square meter workshop and 10000 square meter comprehensive building. We highly evaluate our company's speed and quality from new land acquisition, housing construction, equipment installation and commissioning to product production in less than a year.




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