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Electrochromic Glass

Key words: home appliance glass 丨 AF/AG/AR glass 丨 architectural glass 丨 energy-saving Low-E glass 丨 transportation glass 丨 electrochromic glass

Product Description

It is made of magnetron sputtering technology coating, driven by low voltage, the electrochromic material undergoes electrochemical redox reaction, and the material color and optical properties (reflectivity, transmittance, absorption rate) are reversibly changed by gaining and losing electrons , so as to realize the regulation of light and heat energy, reduce heating/cooling energy consumption, and reduce carbon emissions. Main features:

● Adjustable visible light transmittance 1-68%

● Block ultraviolet rays up to 99.9%

● Block infrared heat up to 85%

● Total solar transmittance as low as 0.1

● Save about 20% of energy consumption

● Inorganic materials (no UV/IR protective film required)

● Fast coloring (response when power on)

● Sustained and stable (can be cycled more than 50,000 times)

● Arbitrary molding (customizable size, curved surface)

● Intelligent interaction (integrated system central control)

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